Getting to the Truth

by Cliff Lansley
Getting to the Truth

A practical, scientific approach to behaviour analysis for professionals.

At some point today you are likely to have to make an important decision.

It may be about a personal relationship;
it could be about an important business decision;
it may be about life and death.

The moments when you say, “I just want the truth!”.

In Getting to the Truth, you will expand your ability to see and hear what others are thinking and feeling by employing all six of the communication channels.

You will assume truth, and be able to trust that when you learn the twenty-seven indicators of deception, you will be able to make decisions to explore what you are seeing and hearing in more depth. 

We didn’t get to the lightbulb by improving candles. This is a huge step away from the myths in Behaviour Analysis and shines the light on the truth.

– Scott, Senior CounterTerrorism/Intelligence Professional.

I endorse not only the goal of this work but also the value of learning about it. There is much to gain here.

– Paul Ekman PhD and Scientific Advisor to ‘Lie to me’ and ‘Inside Out’.

This book is designed to be a practical tool in high stakes scenarios. The topic of communications in high stakes medical settings have until now been largely overlooked. In my field of Emergency Medicine, there has been no equivalent work for assessing truthfulness as it relates to medical diagnosis and treatment. This book relates directly to the work I do treating patients in the acute setting and gives the reader tools to apply to difficult interactions in a rigorous yet compassionate manner. Cliff has achieved in making SCAnR applicable across disciplines, and I can no longer imagine practicing medicine without knowing how to assess my patients’ words and behaviours across the six channels presented here.

– Dr. Timur Kouliev, MD MBA FACEP EMDM.

Cliff’s book is excellent and clear. It gets to the important, practical aspects of detecting truth based on the scientific research and not the prevalent fads and fiction. This book is very useful for coaches, not because we are looking for client lies, but because noticing any incongruence and uncertainty will help us ask the best questions with attention and empathy.

– Joseph O’Connor, Executive coach and co-founder International Coaching Community.

If you are interested in people and how we all react under pressure; you will find no clearer guide than this. Cliff’s expertise helped my two documentaries attract record audiences for the Discovery TV channel, and a huge response in the wider media. Millions of viewers were fascinated to learn how to recognise tell-tale signs that reveal the hidden truth.

– Steve Anderson, Exec Producer: “Faking It – Tears of a Crime”.

Understanding the teaching contained in this book has helped me in two ways. Firstly, it taught me to look for the truth as opposed to flat out lies, thereby turning upside down what I have been doing for years making my investigative skills slicker. Secondly, being able to deconstruct what’s in front of me to be able to put my finger on why I believe or disbelieve it, and then getting on to evidence it. This is so very important for front-line law enforcement officers as it could mean the difference between gaining the trust of a victim and successfully prosecuting the perpetrator.

– Luke Breakspear, Serving Police Inspector.

Cliff is truly a master of his trade. He has always been an informative and entertaining speaker on the subject of interviewing. Cliff’s passion and knowledge are now captured in his new book. Getting to the Truth provides the reader with an entertaining and informative journey into understanding the nuances of lie detection and how to dissect verbal and non-verbal communication. Anyone serious about gathering information can use Cliff’s techniques to “get to the truth” in any interview.

– Bruce Dorris, J.D, CFE, CPA, Vice President and Program Director, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

ISBN: 978-1527206342

Released: 2017

Publisher: Martinez Roca

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