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At EIA, we understand that every business and team faces unique challenges and goals. That’s why we offer bespoke training solutions designed to meet your precise needs, make the training contextually relevant to your role and business, and ensure maximum training value and efficiency.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts, educational designers, coaches, and facilitators can provide you and your organisation with a comprehensive suite of services, including consultancy, training needs analysis, bespoke training program design, strategic implementation, engaging learning sessions with safe simulations and feedback on performance, learning assessment and transfer into the organisation, and evaluation strategies and processes to measure return on investment.

All of our offerings can be delivered virtually from our learning studio or face-to-face, providing highly effective development and substantial cost savings compared to public/open courses. Hosting in-house training provides the greatest value, as the content can be tailored to your specific industry and challenges. Our training exercises and examples will be built around you and your team, eliminating the gap between skill and application and allowing your team to immediately apply their new skills in their day-to-day work.

We have a diverse range of approved trainers and consultants with experience across most sectors, including law enforcement and security, business and investment, medicine and psychiatry, negotiation and arbitration, sales and procurement, recruitment and HR, entertainment, and media. Collaborate with EIA to unlock your team’s potential and drive success in your business today.

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How EIA Can Empower Your Team and Drive Results

The 6 Stage Approach to Developing Your Team

We pride ourselves on our professional and structured approach to working with large teams. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, our process is designed to ensure your success. Discover the benefits of our innovative approach today and take your team’s emotional intelligence to the next level.