Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Success in Finance (and Life!)

In the complex world of finance, technical knowledge & analytical skills are essential, but they're not the whole story. True success as a financial planner hinges on your ability to understand yourself, navigate challenging conversations, & build deep connections with clients.

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Emotional Wealth: The Financial Planner’s Guide to EI Mastery
Format Live Virtual Workshop
Duration 12-14th June 2024
Pay in full £1750

Transform Your Financial Goals with Emotional Intelligence

In the ever-evolving world of finance, technical expertise isn’t enough. The most successful financial planners understand the power of emotional intelligence (EI) – the ability to understand, manage, and leverage emotions for stronger client relationships, better communication, and superior results.

Did you know?

  • Financial planners with high EI demonstrate a 16% increase in sales and client satisfaction.
  • Emotional intelligence directly impacts critical skills like negotiation, stress management, and navigating complex financial decisions.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to “Emotional Wealth: The Financial Planner’s Guide to EI Mastery”, a transformational three-day course led by renowned financial authority James Woodfall MSc FCSI and leading EI expert Dr. Cliff Lansley.

Join our exclusive 3-day workshop, “Applied Emotional Intelligence for Financial Advisors,” where we delve into the art and science of Emotional Intelligence (EI) tailored for the financial services industry. In this intensive program, you’ll gain cutting-edge strategies to deepen trust with your clients, grasp their unique financial aspirations, and navigate the complex emotional landscape of financial decision-making.

  • Well-Being Mastery: Discover strategies to safeguard your mental and emotional health, ensuring you remain a resilient and dynamic financial advisor.
  • Conflict Navigation: Learn to identify and skillfully manage emotional triggers, fostering harmonious interactions and preventing disputes.
  • Collaborative Intelligence: Enhance your ability to collaborate with peers and clients alike, utilising emotional insights for mutual success.
  • Strategic Communication: Master the art of purpose-driven dialogue that resonates with clients and colleagues, enhancing clarity and trust.
  • Behavioural Insight: Gain proficiency in interpreting nuanced verbal and non-verbal cues to truly understand client needs and motivations.
  • Conversational Steadiness: Develop techniques to stay composed and directive throughout challenging financial discussions.
  • Relationship Building: Boost your personal appeal, nurturing stronger connections and a network of advocates.
  • Persuasive Engagement: Cultivate the art of influence, aligning client actions with financial goals through empathetic engagement.

Embark on this journey to refine your professional toolkit with essential EI competencies, setting a new standard in financial advising.

Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence is a skill you can develop and hone. With the correct training, you can build your ability in the three main areas of Emotional Intelligence – awareness, understanding and influencing self and others.

This is illustrated with this model.

A Curriculum Tailored for Financial Excellence

What you will learn

  • Part One: 'Emotional Markets and the Advisor's Mind' - Delve into the psychology of financial emotions and their influence on market dynamics. This segment is dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge to recognise and manage the emotional factors that drive financial decisions, enhancing your responsiveness and advisory performance.
  • Part Two: 'EI Essentials for Financial Experts' - Immerse yourself in the essential EI competencies tailored for the financial advisor. This part of the course will focus on personalised exercises designed to simulate financial environments, enhancing your proficiency in the four quadrants of EI: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Interaction.
  • Part Three: 'Advising with Empathy and Acumen' - Transition from theory to practice as you learn to apply EI in client interactions, complex negotiations, and relationship management. Strengthen your advisory toolkit with emotionally intelligent strategies that align with the nuanced needs of your clients, setting the stage for a thriving financial planning practice.

In ‘Emotional Wealth: The Financial Planner’s Guide to EI Mastery’, our focused curriculum translates EI competencies into practical strategies for key areas of your role:

  • Client Acquisition: Leverage emotional insight to connect with potential clients, understanding their needs and fears to build trust from the first interaction.
  • Relationship Management: Cultivate deeper client relationships using EI to empathically engage and respond to clients’ concerns, maintaining a loyal clientele.
  • Tough Conversations: Navigate difficult dialogues confidently, using EI to deliver honest yet compassionate communication during market downturns or financial losses.
  • Negotiating Fees: Employ emotional awareness to negotiate fees that reflect your value, balancing firmness with understanding to reach amicable agreements.
  • Eliciting Information: Use emotional cues to encourage clients to share crucial financial information, ensuring your advice is well-informed and personalised.
  • Navigating Emotions in Financial Decisions: Guide clients through the emotional aspects of their financial decisions, using EI to support rational thinking and goal alignment.
  • Stress Management for Performance: Enhance your ability to manage stress through EI, maintaining peak performance and clear decision-making in the fast-paced financial environment.

This course ensures that Emotional Intelligence goes hand-in-hand with your technical expertise, setting you apart as a financial advisor who leads with both head and heart.

Your Facilitators

Forged through the combined expertise of James Woodfall, a distinguished UK financial authority, and Dr. Cliff Lansley, a preeminent figure in Emotional Intelligence, this programme stands as the pivotal intersection where financial acumen meets psychological insight.

Dr. Cliff Lansley

Dr. Cliff Lansley

Cliff is a leading expert in emotional intelligence and deception detection, with a focus on multichannel communication. He has extensive experience training professionals in various sectors, including business, law enforcement, and healthcare. Cliff's expertise includes developing innovative assessment tools, enhancing interviewing techniques, and providing specialised training for high-stakes situations. His work has been featured on the Discovery Channel and he has consulted on numerous murder cases.

James Woodfall

James Woodfall

James is a former financial planner turned Emotional Intelligence (EI) expert, specialising in helping financial services professionals enhance their EI skills and business success. He offers EI assessments, coaching, training, and behaviour analysis to improve client relationships, team communication, and overall performance. With extensive experience and qualifications in the field, James has a proven track record of helping individuals and teams achieve greater success through emotional intelligence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and achieve even greater success. Enrol now and secure your spot: or email cliff@eiagroup.com for more information or to book an in-house event.

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