Elevate Your Practice with the Master Certified e-Factor Facilitator (MCeFF) Programme

Passionate about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and seeking to advance your coaching, training, or practitioner business? Welcome to the Master Certified e-Factor Facilitator (MCeFF) network - a vibrant community of professionals harnessing the power of EI to drive personal growth.

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MCeFF Programme
Format Virtual Workshop - via EIA Studio
Duration 6 Days spread over two months
Pay in full £12,000

Become a Certified e-Factor Facilitator

As an MCeFF, you gain expertise in EI theories and applications. You’ll learn to leverage these skills for effective emotion management, empathetic communication, strategic decision-making, and successful navigation of social dynamics. Your mission is to empower your clients’ achievement. With your robust EI expertise, you’ll deliver personalized development strategies to meet your client’s unique needs and propel their success.

Join Our Network of Change Agents

Becoming an MCeFF means joining a global network of dedicated professionals striving to foster a more emotionally intelligent world. Collaborate, share experiences, and contribute to the ever-evolving EI practice and theory.

Upon certification, you serve as a crucial bridge between the Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA) and individuals and corporations seeking to interpret their e-Factor results into actionable strategies.

We’ll equip you with comprehensive EI resources, but the driver’s seat is yours. You’re encouraged to design and offer bespoke development routes for your clients, integrating our resources and maintaining control over delivery and financial aspects.

Our vision? A global network of high-quality MCeFFs bridging toolset clients and emotional intelligence resources. Initially operating in English, we’re on the lookout for partners to assist in translating tools to reach a wider audience.

Programme Outlines

MCeFF Programme: An Overview

Next Intake:

Stage 1: 27-29 September 2023.
Stage 2: 25-27 October 2023.

Each day will be divided into three 90-minute live virtual sessions that will run from 10 am to 4 pm each day (London, UK time).

Investment: £12,000

Here’s what’s included:

  • 2 x 3-day live virtual training sessions to master EI theories and e-Factor tools
  • Master e-Factor Facilitator Assessment to confirm your proficiency
  • 1x Personal e-Factor assessment for firsthand experience
  • 12x FREE e-Factor assessments for clients (Value £1680)

Payment plans are available – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Annual Renewal: £3000

Renewal perks include:

  • 12x e-Factor assessments for clients (Value £1680)
  • 50% off all additional assessments

Join us today. Shape your practice, shape your clients’ lives, shape the world with the MCeFF programme.


The e-Factor® is designed from research with adults, not for children and adolescents so we can’t support use or applications with those under 18 years of age. We are working in parallel on a children’s model, and assessment methodology, as our goal is to get EI into the 4–9-year-old demographic. Prevention of emotional skill problems, as children grow up, is, in our view, much more humane and simpler than resourcing, and defaulting to, prisons and increased mental health care demand.

In addition to the interpretation notes attached to each profile, we provide all participants with a link to the ‘Making Sense of your e-Factor® Score’ guide. This is also included in a wider Manual about interpreting profiles for you. You can use that for reference in facilitation discussions of course. We have mapped knowledge, understanding and skills against each of the 12 competences. This helps learners and coaches/trainers to develop interventions that will increase the scores. We built our MSc (https://www.eiagroup.com/course/masters-degree-in-communication-behaviour-and-credibility-analysis/) on this curriculum (apart from criminology aspects) so that syllabus gives you a good idea. We are adding an optional module instead of criminology on “Individual Differences, Traits and Personality” as this is a gap we need to fill for the e-Factor® range of factors.

It must be taken online as it’s a time-controlled test deployed from our LMS. Profiles are instant following submission of the last response emailed to the client as back up. The reliability of the platform is high, subject to internet connections at the user end, but live coaching should be planned for when the client has completed all 3 tests. We recommend face-to-face sessions (or virtual ones like ‘Zoom’ so screens and profiles can be shared by those clients who feel safe with you to do that). Some may just choose to focus the sessions on what they feel are their priorities (elicited at the start).

The e-Factor® is a generic tool that includes a mixture of work and life contexts, so the outcome represents the whole person. We also recognize that those with high EI might not have ‘well-being’ or ‘pro-social’ agendas or goals (e.g., competitive sport, rival businesses). We hope they do, but we chose not to bias the tool towards specific roles or values. That would possibly introduce cultural bias and is outside the scope of EQ, as in IQ.

An e-Factor® facilitator may only administer e-Factor® once they have successfully completed the following stages:

  • a post-course online test to check you fully understand the instrument and the facilitation processes (70%+),
  • attended (live) the 2 x three-day MCeFF workshops,
  • passed ongoing EIA Tutor assessment during the workshop around your development and adherence to the principles and processes expected of a professional MCeFF, and
  • achieve the required e-Factor® score of 140,

      received the MCeFF Certificate.

EIA will provide you with a range of resources, some that you can share freely with e-Factor® clients, plus a series of templates and guidance notes that help you to help users to convert the data from their profiles into meaningful PDPs. This includes the research behind the model and e-Factor® and we will supplement that with validation reports on an ongoing basis to help you and your clients stay up to date with its impact. We will also provide a curriculum outline matrix, and an extensive repository of EIAs models, files, so that you incorporate those knowledge, understanding and skills resources to underpin each of the 12 competencies to help users to build their EI capabilities.

That is up to you and EIA will not be asking for, or expecting, any commissions or any percentage of your income. You cannot offer e-Factor® assessments publicly at prices less than the EIA prices but you can bundle assessments into wider products as you wish.

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The Emotional Intelligence Academy


September 2022

  • Intake: 6th September 2022 to 6th September 2024
  • Launch Event: 3 day virtual workshop, 6th September 2022 to 8th September 2022
  • Module Release: Monthly following virtual workshop
  • Live Support Sessions: Scheduled monthly (recordings available)
  • Graduation: September 2024

Congratulation on making the next step to further your education and skillset within the field of communication, behaviour, and credibility analysis. Below is an outline of the application process along with a download link to the application form. Please follow these steps to commence your application and should you have any questions, please use the 'Contact us form' and we would be happy to help.

Application Process:

Step 1: Complete your application

The application form consists of 11 sections, and while it may look intimidating on the surface, it should only take you around 15 – 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked to secure two references as part of your application. A reference is a note written by an independent person (such as a teacher or manager) to testify to your skills, character, experience, and/or achievements relevant to this programme. You can choose to include these in the space provided in the application form or include these as an attachment when you email us your application.

Download your application here. 

Step 2: Email your application and supporting documents to us

Please send your completed application to our admissions team (service@eiagroup.com) along with your passport-like photo and any supporting files requested in the application form, such as your certificates, awards and/or your references.

Step 3:

Upon receipt of your application, we will review your information and any supporting documents and respond to you within two working days to confirm your acceptance on to the programme. In some cases, we may require further information, in which case, we will follow up with you and outline exactly the information we require to complete your application. 

If you would like to speak with a member of the team, please use the contact us form and we will be back in touch.

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The Emotional Intelligence Academy

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The Emotional Intelligence Academy

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