An advanced program that develops and increases your ability to distinguish truth and lies.

The course is a blended program and involves both online study and an interactive 2-day workshop. It takes a research-based approach to learning and delivers the gold standard in behaviour analysis and communication-based skills.

When people are deceptive, they leak their true thoughts and feelings through uncontrolled and unconscious behaviour. You can learn to see and hear this leakage which is based on and supported by scientific research. You will also discover powerful, non-oppressive questioning techniques and casual conversation approaches that will cause no problems for a truth-teller but will become a real challenge for anyone being deceptive.

This advanced course takes a closer look at the subtleties of communication and how it relates to truthfulness and credibility. You will develop skills and techniques to better read and pick up information from others through the six channels of communication (SCANS™). The six channels of communication are:

Facial Expressions – Body Language – The Voice – Verbal Style – Verbal Content – Psychophysiology 
In CBAII, you will:
  • Expand your ability to see and hear what others are truly thinking and feeling.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the six channels of communication (SCANS™) and how they relate to emotion and deception.
  • Critically evaluate what a person is attempting to say to develop a fuller understanding.
  • Use effective, non-oppressive, questioning strategies within high-stake conversations and interviews.
  • Be analysing video and audio of real-life scenarios and criminal cases, practising with one-to-one activities and simulation, and taking part in high-stake group exercises, designed to stretch your new skills and increase your abilities.

Further Information

Course Outline

Behaviour Analysis – Delivered via 2 day live virtual workshop

The first module of the Diploma consists of an online knowledge course and a two-session practical webinar. Here you will develop your skills and ability to read and understand others through analysing verbal and non-verbal behaviours.

You will learn the SCAnR™ system and how to apply its 27 scientifically validated behavioural criteria to assess truth and lies.

Throughout the two sessions, you will practice and hone your ability to read and understand others within a safe environment and supported by the guidance of our expert training team.

You will be analysing video and audio of real-life scenarios and criminal cases, practising with one-to-one activities and simulation, and taking part in high-stake group exercises. Exercises are tailored towards your intended application and are designed to stretch your new skills and increase your abilities in real-world interactions.

Course Aims

  • Read what others are really thinking and feeling – through multiple communication channels.
  • Compare that to what they are attempting to say to you so you have a fuller understanding.
  • Use effective questioning and annotation strategies in line with the purpose of the conversation or interview.
  • Understand and influence others in high stake business environments, and in life.

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