Face and Emotion – A FACS Workshop

5 Days

Learn how to make finer distinctions between movements in the face with the 5 day Face and Emotion Workshop.

The Face & Emotion course is designed to provide students with a full insight into the human face where they will learn and practice the techniques of the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) and how to make finer distinctions about facial movement and expression. 

As self-learners of FACS, we know the pain, frustration, and frankly, the mind-numbing boredom of working your way through the FACS manual on your own. We picked up bad habits, made (1000’s) mistakes, and had the frequent moments of self-doubt that made the learning experience much longer and more painful than it needed to be. EIA - Harry Facial Expressions

Our goal for this course is to Fast-Track your experience of learning the FACS manual and introduce a facilitative, and interactive method that will mean it’s also enjoyable and applicable to the real-world. 

Learning FACS alone can feel like climbing a steep and treacherous mountain. With this course, we will be your sherpa.  


Further Information

Course Overview

The course will run for five days total and from 09:00 – 17:00 each day.

As the goal of this course is to consolidate months of self-learning into five concentrated days – there will be lots of learning, practice, and group work. There will also a little bit of homework to… but don’t worry; you will not be treated unnecessarily cruelty. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the great city of Manchester each evening should you wish.   

  • Day 1 – Will Introduce you to FACS with in-depth study of the anatomy of the Face and then moving into studying the Upper Face Action Units. 
  • Day 2 – A full day focused on Vertical and Horizontal movements in the lower face.
  • Day 3 – Here, you will move onto the Oblique, Orbital, and Advanced Action Units in the Lower Face.
  • Day 4 – Now, you will move onto the more advanced Action Units, including the Supplementary, Miscellaneous, and Gross Movements. 
  • Day 5 – The final day will focus on using FACS in practical terms – so how you can apply it within technology, real-time coding, and emotional interpretation. You will also be briefed and prepared for passing the official FACS Final Test – Sold ($50) and Distributed separately by Paul Ekman Group here. 

Please note – you need to pass the official FACS Final Test (linked above) to label yourself as FACS certified legitimately. Our job is to get you to the position of passing the FACS Final Test as quickly, effectively, and enjoyably as possible. 

Course Aims

Originally designed as a self-learning manual, FACS used to be a significant undertaking requiring months of reading and practice. This workshop’s purpose is to provide a fun and fast-tracked alternative to self-learning by consolidating the entire FACS manual into interactive group exercises, fun practice sessions, accompanied by expert tutoring and support. 

Whether you are currently learning FACS or just starting, this course will teach you the FACS manual through a facilitated workshop that is designed to consolidate and apply your learning in a safe and professional environment with qualified support.

This course builds on many years of research into facial movement and is based on a coding system that has become the universal standard in measuring and understanding facial behaviour – the Facial Action Coding System.

At the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Describe the structure of the muscle groups in the face and how they impact on face movement
  • Outline the research and commercial applications of FACS
  • Use the FACS manual to assign FACS codes to a range of facial movements
  • Take a structured approach to FACS coding
  • Associate universal expressions of emotion to facial expressions and FACS codes
  • Apply for and pass the FACS post-test.

Fees and Booking

Course Fee:

£2100 RRP per person – However, there is a special offer for the October 5-9th 2020 pilot programme when the course is paid for in full. If you book before July 11th 2020 and use the following code 6d+12d (The FACS code for a big genuine smile) during checkout, you will save 20% – so £1680 in total, a saving of £420

  • The price excludes the FACS Manual which can be purchased independently from the distributor’s Paul Ekman Group for $350 here – Link to FACS manual.
  • Should you wish to complete the FACS Final Test and become FACS certified (and why wouldn’t you?.. You will be ready after this course), you can again purchase this independently through Paul Ekman Group for $50 here – Link to the FACS final test

Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans for those who wish to spread the cost of the course over several months. To pay via a payment plan, please select ‘Pay via Instalments’ from the payment options. This will ask for a deposit of £480 at checkout. Following your purchase, our team will be in touch to arrange your payment schedule with you.

Please note – we can only offer payment plans that are complete two weeks before the course start date. So if you would like to spread the cost over the maximum amount of months, it will be best to book as early as possible. 

Training Venue

You can find the Joining Instructions for this course here. These contain the details on the venue for the event (Central Manchester, UK), along with some accommodation options nearby. 

For any questions, please contact us here.

 +44 (0) 161 413 8930

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