The Paul Ekman Practioner Program provides you with an incredibly immersive and advanced development opportunity that will take your people skills to new heights. With powerful tools and strategies designed for professionals working in high-stake contexts, this course will equip you with the best and most scientifically supported techniques and methodologies for reading, influencing, and analysing your customers, colleagues, and clients.

“It is our responsibility to learn to become emotionally intelligent. These are skills, they’re not easy, nature didn’t give them to us – we have to learn them.”


Completing the Paul Ekman Practioner Program is an indication of your high level of skill within the field of emotions, credibility, and communication. As a qualified practitioner, you will receive the Ekman Seal of Approval to illustrate your ethical commitments when working with others and your dedication to science-based practice.


The Ekman Associate Program is designed for professionals who see the value of adopting Emotional Skills and Credibility Analysis-based competencies within the professional workplace and offer the best and most scientifically supported techniques and methodologies to their customers and staff.

Most Ekman Associates tend to be in one of the following professions: Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, HR Managers, Mentors, and L&D Managers who want to gain the validation and certification.


The Ekman Associate Development Programme is the world’s only program for deep professional and continuous Paul Ekman methodologies. Delivered through live virtual workshops, it aims to ensure that all Associates complete the program with an in-depth understanding of the scientific knowledge and a strong skill set to apply that knowledge in their personal and professional lives, as well as having the Approved Ekman Associate Certification to demonstrate their enhanced competence to their professional sector. And now…As the program is being delivered online, Associates can develop their potential from anywhere in the world.

Dr. Ekman is a leading psychologist and researcher in the fields of Emotion, Deception, and Credibility. His work has been vital in combating some of the world’s most prominent challenges, such as terrorism, fraud, and high stake deception. Ekman’s commitment to scientific validity has gleaned the respect of top business professionals and organisations worldwide who adopt his methods and approaches to communicate effectively, root out deceptive practices, and nurture an ethical and emotionally skilled workforce.

This fascinating field of Paul Ekman’s research is delivered through intensive online virtual workshops, PEI program team support, peer support groups, reflective developmental challenges, and immersive knowledge/skill tasks between workshops. 

The Associate program conveys, embeds, and reinforces the science and its application over a two-month period. This development is continued after the program and supported through the Associate online support groups.

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Day 1

The first Associate Virtual Classroom is a chance to dive deep into the topics covered on PEI Programmes to ensure that all Associates have a thorough grasp of all topics. The associate will work on individual development plans, Q&A sessions, open-forum Masterclass discussions, and contextualized practical exercises.

This Virtual Workshop will also set the scene for the next workshop. The Associates will identify an area in which they intend to use the Ekman methodologies and begin to consider ways of facilitating exercises to practice the skills in a safe environment and get much-needed feedback on their application and suggestions for the future. This planning will continue between the workshops.

Day 2

The second Virtual Workshop is all practice, demonstrations, and feedback. The Associate will be self-reflecting on their performance, design, exercise concept, etc. But will also receive (and deliver) constructive feedback from both fellow Associates and expert PEI facilitators/trainers/coaches.

The workshop will discuss how to ensure that the skills and knowledge stay fresh as associates apply their knowledge and skills in the real world.

Associates will also start their journal, which will also be used to chart their progress and as a foundation for discussions at the next workshop.

Day 3

Associates discuss their challenges and successes. This will give further opportunities to develop both knowledge and skill with inputs and feedback from the PEI Team and fellow Associates.

Following this course you will

  • Become a master of the core Paul Ekman methodology 
  • Have the confidence and expertise to use the Ekman methodologies professionally and proficiently
  • Improve your ability to form strong, positive, personal, and professional relationships
  • Get the most out of every conversation, interview, or meeting in work and life
  • Have greater confidence when making high-stakes people decisions
  • Understand how to adapt and tailor the content to your clients and their contexts
  • Have a personal development plan to continue your learning and enhance your skillset
  • Meet a network of professionals passionate about the science behind emotion, truth, and deception in a variety of contexts
  • Gain the rights to use the Approved Paul Ekman Practioner Seal within your marketing materials 
  • Have a profile featured on the Paul Ekman International website

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