Paul Ekman Train the Trainer Program

One-month online programme

Ekman Train-The-Trainer Programme

Develop your ability to communicate the fascinating science of emotion, truth, credibility, and deception to students worldwide. Become an approved Paul Ekman International Trainer

Develop your ability to communicate the fascinating science of emotion, truth, credibility, and deception to students worldwide. Become an approved Paul Ekman International Trainer.

The Ekman Train-The-Trainer Programme is an intensive one-month online programme that takes the knowledge and skills learned through the development of an Approved Ekman Associate and goes further to ensure that all Paul Ekman Approved Trainers can deliver world-class training workshops on Emotional Awareness, Truth, Credibility, and Deception to students around the globe.

Through state-of-the-art online platforms and virtual workshops, the PEI Senior Trainers and Facilitators will push each trainer on the programme to hone their skills in a peer-supported, safe, online environment, giving them the chance to design and use a variety of approaches in the transfer of knowledge and skills to their students. This allows trainers to demonstrate their existing training and facilitation skills while also having the opportunity to try new ideas and get valuable feedback. 

All sessions are recorded and evaluated by the trainer, their peers, and the PEI Facilitation team, giving trainers well-rounded and complete constructive feedback as they deliver the Ekman Content.

Once the Trainers have completed the programme, they will have access to all core Paul Ekman training content (including all relevant videos and images) and a Global license to allow them to teach this content worldwide* to their students. This content might be delivered in the form of the ESaC, ETaC, or blended packaged course slides, or used to supplement the trainer’s existing training programmes. For example, coaching trainers may wish to add Facial Expression training into their 

Dr. Ekman is a leading psychologist and researcher in the fields of Emotion, Deception, and Credibility. His work has been vital in combating some of the worlds most prominent challenges, such as terrorism, fraud, and high stake deception. Ekman’s commitment to scientific validity has gleaned the respect of top business professionals and organisations around the world. They adopt his methods and approaches to communicate effectively, root out deceptive practices, and nurture an ethical and emotionally skilled workforce.

Become an Approved Trainer of Paul Ekman’s scientific content and help make the world a more compassionate, safer, and more emotionally aware place through your global* programmes.

* This currently only excludes Indonesia.

Further Information

The Ekman Train The Trainer Programme in Depth:

The programme has been designed in such a way that trainers are given a chance to use their existing knowledge, skills, and training experience in combination with peer and tutor support, and ‘learning-by-doing’. The programme is flexible based on the trainers enrolled, however, the structure is as follows:


  • Before beginning the programme and attending the online Virtual Workshops, trainers will need to complete the Micro-Expression Training tool and pass at a grade of 80% or more.
  • Trainers are also expected to have read Paul Ekman’s key book on which the content is based around, Emotions Revealed and Telling Lies.
  • Before the programme formally begins all trainers will complete an online knowledge test to review their knowledge on key elements of the Ekman content

Virtual Workshop 1:

  • The first Virtual Classroom will introduce the Train The Trainer programme and process, as well as create an opportunity to get to know other trainers on the programme. This is useful as a support network as the programme continues.
  • Expectations and protocols will be thoroughly clarified (by those enrolled and PEI team) before diving into the topics that will be presented by the trainers.
  • Trainers will be asked to plan and record the delivery of key content sections to camera for review and feedback. Therefore, the remaining sessions of Virtual Workshop #1 is designed to ensure clarity with open forum discussions and Q&A with Senior Trainers and Experienced Facilitators on Key Ekman content areas. 
  • Within one week following this initial Virtual Workshop, trainers will develop their presentations on topics they have been allocated, present them to camera, and upload to the Programme for feedback. 
  • After the videos have been uploaded, both trainers and PEI programme team will review the them and prepare feedback for the second Virtual Workshop.

Virtual Workshop 2:

  • In the second Virtual Workshop, the students will have a chance to both receive and provide feedback on the video presentations uploaded, in a safe and constructive environment. The aim is to identify challenges, gaps in knowledge, misunderstandings, and also to develop further in those areas. 
  • These sessions are also a chance to celebrate the successes and learn from each other’s presentations, styles, and innovative delivery methods.
  • Lastly, in the second workshop, trainers are allocated sections of Ekman content from both the ESaC and ETaC courses and given the challenge of creating facilitated exercises for the third and fourth Virtual Workshops.
  • This will be followed by a one-week planning phase. During this week trainers will have the support of PEI Trainers and Facilitators, via email, in order to discuss ideas, concerns, ask questions, or get clarification. This gives trainers the opportunity to create their exercises with confidence and support. 

Virtual Workshop 3 – ESaC Facilitation:

  • The third virtual classroom gives the students the chance to run their planned facilitated exercise with the group on the ESaC topic they were allocated.
  • Following each session, they will be asked to give some self-reflection and then receive feedback from their peers and the Trainers and Facilitators, aimed at developing their knowledge and skills further.
  • The following week is then used to continue the development of exercises for the ETaC Facilitation Day (Virtual Workshop 4) in light of the feedback received.

NB: After this first Facilitation day, Senior Trainers will give each prospective trainer their interim feedback through a 30 minute one-to-one development session. This discussion will focus on their own perceptions of their strengths and challenges, as well as gaining some feedback and guidance on development from the Trainer before the next ETaC Facilitation day.

Virtual Workshop 3 – ETaC Facilitation:

  • The final Virtual Classroom is the ETaC facilitation day during which the prospective trainers run their ETaC focused facilitated exercises with the group. As with the ESaC facilitation day, along with self-reflection, they will receive peer and Trainer/Facilitator feedback.
  • The day will end with a celebration of the successes, achievements and learnings over the month and the next steps will be discussed. Trainers will subsequently arrange the time and date for the final Trainer Feedback One-To-One calls at the end of the session.

Final Feedback and Development Calls:

Following all programme classrooms and activities the Trainer will give each prospective trainer a 30-45min call via Zoom to deliver the final feedback for the programme.

This feedback session will be a combination of:

  • Collated feedback from peers throughout the programme
  • Self-reflections from the prospective trainer
  • Feedback from Senior Trainers/Facilitators
  • The overall outcome of their performance
  • PEI decision on their readiness to deliver PEI content
  • Development plans that need to be put in place as necessary.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility 9 modules: 

  1. Lies and truth defined
  2. Psychological models
  3. Attentiveness – Credibility focused
  4. Understanding the relationship between emotion and deception
  5. Rapport and Baselining
  6. Facial expressions, micro-expressions, and subtle expressions
  7. Body language and verbal style in deception
  8. Verbal content – Criteria Based Content Analysis
  9. Questioning strategies – Probing the HoT-Spots

Upon completion of Stage 2 Train the Trainer programme, you will be in ready to help others:

  • Identify the importance of baselines and when they occur.
  • Take a structured approach to the detection of leakage.
  • Identify and evaluate ‘hotspots’ – inconsistencies in behaviour
  • Carry out hypothesis testing.
  • Identify and evaluate clues to lying and truth-telling.
  • Adopt active listening and observation skills.
  • Utilise these skills to evaluate truthfulness and credibility.

By completing the programme you will

  • Become an Approved Trainer Paul Ekman content
  • Develop your training and facilitation repertoire
  • Receive valuable feedback to validate your knowledge and skill, giving you the  confidence to run successful training events to audiences worldwide
  • Understand how best to adapt and tailor materials to your students, clients, and their contexts
  • Have a personal development plan to continue your learning and enhance your skillset as an Approved Trainer
  • Engage with a network of other trainers passionate about the science behind emotion, truth, and deception
  • Gain the rights to use the Approved Paul Ekman Trainer logo on your website
  • Have a profile featured on the Paul Ekman International website to direct potential students, clients, and customers looking for Paul Ekman Training to your organisation or website.

Who is the Associate Development Programme for?

The Ekman Train The Trainer Programme is designed for professional trainers that wish to add the scientifically validated content of Paul Ekman’s research into their training offerings and services.

Entry requirements

In order to qualify for the Ekman Train The Trainer Programme, the trainer should have:

  • Successfully completed both the ESaC and ETaC training courses at 80%+
  • Passed Paul Ekman’s MicroExpression Training Tool at 80%+
  • Successfully completed the Ekman Associate Development Programme
  • Proven professional training/facilitation experience or similar background
  • Have a current platform or role (or proposal) through which they intend to deliver the Ekman Content

Booking terms

There are two payment methods available to secure your place on this course.

  • Payment in Full – Save 10% on the programme fee, this includes the first year’s licence (RRP £10,500)*

Upon payment, our team will be in touch to confirm your place and make sure you have everything you need to get the absolute most out of your program. 

  • Payment via Deposit & Instalments

For those who would prefer to pay via instalments, you can select the ‘Deposit and instalments’ option. This will ask for an initial deposit of £2100, and the remaining programme investments (£8400*) will be split into equal recurrent payments.

Once you have made your payment for the deposit, the team will contact you to arrange your payment plan.

Please note: All course fees must be covered two weeks before the beginning of the programme. We will contact you after your booking deposit is received to arrange your next payment.

* N.B: Annual License Fee 

To maintain your Paul Ekman accreditation, there is an annual license fee to take into account. Your first year’s license is included in the course price, then every subsequent year will be subject to a £4500 fee to maintain your Approved Ekman Trainer accreditation.


Can I display the Paul Ekman Logo on my website?

You sure can. As an Approved trainer you’ll receive some graphics, images, and logos to help you tell the world about your approved status.

Can I deliver Paul Ekman Training courses anywhere?

As an Approved trainer you will be able to train Ekman content globally with the exception of any exclusive areas (currently only Indonesia).

Can I start a business or get a job using this certification?

The Ekman Train The Trainer Programme is aimed at developing the skills of professional trainers that already have an active training role/business OR are looking to develop a training business. PEI cannot guarantee that customers will attend your training courses and it is down to the trainer and their business to market as needed for the region/sector you hope to train in. 

With that said, PEI will host a profile for all Approved trainers on the PEI website, providing a biography of the trainer, detailing their specific skills, and linking to their website.

How long does my Approved certification last and is there a recertification process?

As long as you renew your annual Trainer license annually you can maintain your Approved Trainer status and your profile on the PEI website will remain (see Booking area for detail). There is no need to recertify each year, in fact the ongoing support will help you to keep your skills and knowledge fresh with updates, guidance on further learning, and discounts on other training programmes that might help your continued development.

Do you run any live workshops or is the learning all online?

Whilst the programme is delivered online we strive to replicate the fun, interaction, and excitement, and engagement of a physical workshop using all the tools and features of the online platform. However, all Approved Trainers are invited to attend the yearly 2 days PEI Masterclass in Manchester free of charge, as many times as they would like.

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