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12 months access to the Ekman Library package.

Training Tools included:

  • Responding Effectively: Workplace

    Communicate with empathy when engaged in a conflict at work. Dr. Ekman coaches you through the best practices to achieve an appropriate resolution.

  • Responding Effectively: Family

    Learn to navigate stressful situations at home. Dr. Ekman provides feedback on how to acknowledge the feelings of family members.

  • Responding Effectively: Law Enforcement

    For the benefit of officers and citizens alike. Dr. Ekman gives his insight on interrogation techniques.

  • Micro Expressions

    The updated version of Paul Ekman Groups landmark micro expression training module. With it, you will improve your ability to spot micro expressions.

    This training is appropriate for those whose work requires them to evaluate truthfulness and detect deception, such as police and security personnel, as well as those in sales, education, and medical professions.

  • Subtle Expressions

    The premier training program for learning to recognize subtle expressions. Provides foundational knowledge of how emotions emerge in just one region on the face.

    Subtle expressions are the very “mini” expressions that often appear in just one region of your face, such as the brows, eyelids, cheeks, nose, or lips. They can occur when a person is trying to conceal a strong emotion — subtle expression can leak, exposing the true emotion in a tiny change in expression. These small movements may also occur when an emotion is just beginning, often before the person is aware of their emotional state.

  • Micro Expressions Profile

    This profile (side-view) training is appropriate for people wishing to build on their frontal-view micro expression knowledge, and is appropriate for anybody who works in groups. Whenever multiple people are present, we often see only the profile view of some individuals. In addition, those working in surveillance can greatly benefit from this training.

  • Micro Expressions Intensive

    Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool is an expanded version of the Micro Expressions frontal-view training. It has the same format as the Micro Expressions Tool, with several extended practice sessions and all new faces.

    The Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool is designed to help you achieve the maximum skill level for detecting micro expressions.

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