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Dr. Ekman is the worlds leading psychologist and researcher in the fields of Emotion, Deception, and Credibility.

His work has been vital in combating some of our most prominent security challenges such as terrorism, corporate fraud, and domestic crime. Ekman’s methods are utilized by many of the global security agencies, including the C.I.A, UK Department of Defence UK, Drug Enforcement Agency, European Central Bank, LAPD, New Scotland Yard, The US and UK military, and major Airports across Europe and the USA.

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Now, Ekman’s methods are being employed by many of the top business and organizations around the world who want to develop their teams and equip themselves with the tools and expertise to communicate effectively, route of deceptive practices, and nurture an ethical and emotionally skilled workforce.

Starting this year, Ekman International is looking to help widen the access to these powerful life skills and will be inviting an elite group of professionals to join the Ekman team.  In an advanced program, you will develop the knowledge, methods, and skills to adopt Ekman methods and incorporate this into your training, and delivery, and support your offerings to demonstrate the power of emotional intelligence, and credibility assessment within the modern workplace.

By joining the Ekman Approved Associate Program, you will become one of the very few who have been trained, assessed, and approved, to deliver and incorporate Paul Ekman approved methods into your training and business.

“I strive to improve people’s understanding of their emotional life by taking the discoveries I made and translating them into practical tools and training programmes, based on solid research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and deception” – Dr. Paul Ekman

Credibility and Integrity

Paul Ekman’s work in the fields of emotion, trust, and deception, is unparalleled.

Dr. Ekman has conducted over 50 years of research and is listed as one of the world most influential people (Time magazine).

By becoming an Ekman associate you will have access to the same methodology and approaches currently being adopted by some of the leading agencies and businesses around the world, including: the FBI, Disney, Apple, Emirates, NYPD, Fox, and the CIA.

As an Ekman Associate your profile will feature on our website so everyone will know you are Paul Ekman Approved.


Once approved you will be equipped with the latest and best training tools and materials to enable you to use and deliver cutting edge behavior science using Dr. Paul Ekman approved content.


All associates will have access to 24/7 customer support where you can have your questions answered by our expert service team.

You will also have the opportunity to share and learn best practices with a growing instructor community.

The Ekman Associate Program is designed for professionals who see the value of adopting Emotional Skills and Credibility Analysis based competencies within the professional workplace and would like to offer the best and most scientifically supported techniques and methodologies to their customers by adopting the Ekman approved content and training methods.

Most Ekman Associates tend to be in one of the following professions: Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, HR Managers, Mentors, and L&D Managers who want to secure approval to add Paul Ekman Approved core content into their wider training/delivery initiatives. Be that leadership, team development, negotiation, sales, and recruitment, for example.

While the Associate Program will help you develop the skills to handle Ekman content, we do ask the those applying for the associates program already have some experience as a trainer, facilitator or speaker so you are better prepared to hit the ground running once you have completed the program.

2) Attend and complete the two core Paul Ekman modules:

Emotional Skills and Competencies

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

2) Book you place onto the Ekman Associate Program 

You can book your place onto the Ekman Associate Program on the main webpage here.

3) Pay for your Associate License

Once you have booked your place, our team will contact you to arrange payment of the license.

NOTE: The associate license must be paid before the Program begins to enable you to receive all the relevant content, and assure you are able to begin promoting and incorporating the training into your offerings immediately following your the three-day program.

4) Complete the three-day Ekman Associate Program

This is the three day program specifically for those who wish to become and Ekman Approved Associate. During this workshop you will take part in role-model briefings from Ekman master trainers who will ensure you are comfortable with the core content. The workshop will also cover tips, coaching and activities to help you focus on presenting the core content and handling questions about the research, skills andother approved Ekman products you can link your clients to.

5) Undergo the Quality Assurance Process 

Following the Associate program, your first delivered sessions are required to be video recorded to ensure you are confident with the materials and approaches before formal approval. You will be able to access support from the Ekman International team as you prepare for your events and develop your mastery.

NOTE: This is not a test. We will use the Quality Assurance process to offer support and guidance if and where needed and encourage your own professional development.

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