Paul Ekman Centres

Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA) – the holding company that owns Paul Ekman International plc, has Cliff Lansley as the CEO who leads a  team in the UK that is building a worldwide network of partners to expand their research and delivery work. We also have EIA branch offices in Europe(France) and the USA.

We are also developing links with other major figures and Universities to expand this work. A range of professional modules and academic programmes are soon being released up to MSc and PhD level for individuals and organisations from private, voluntary and public sectors.

Paul Ekman International PLC (PEI):

The company has been licensed by the Paul Ekman Group as the sole authorized provider of Paul Ekman training across the globe. Its role is to build on the science and training experience of Dr. Ekman by developing and deploying high-quality training programmes and materials in these countries.

Licensed Delivery Centres (LDC):

These hold a License direct with PEI to promote, sell and deliver the Paul Ekman training modules within their territories. An LDC will be a separate legal entity having strong internal training ability and is interested in adding PEI modules to their repertoire for their employees and/or clients.

There will be two main types of LDC:

  • Corporate LDC – a large private/public/social organization or government agency that may have its own human resources or organizational development function that wants to train internal employees using PEI Core Modules.
  • Commercial LDC – a private/public/social organization whose primary business is training and development. This could be a University, a private training company or even a commercial HR department of a corporate who offers services outside of their employees, but within the territory of their LLDC. We will secure a sector spread of LDCs so that we have geographical and sector expertise led provision across areas including those below.

Corporate LDCs are usually looking for a cost-effective solution for training multiple internal staff.  Commercial LDCs will usually specialise by sector(s) within Countries/Regions across the globe.

Here is a list of our existing Partners:

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