PEI feature as the keynote input at the annual conference of the ABP

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 by Cliff.

The ABP ran its 11th annual conference in May in Wyboston.

Psychology for Business: What it can do for You, at Wyboston, Bedfordshire. The conference featured an outstanding selection of talks and workshops, with keynotes, presentations and workshops from some of the UK’s leading business psychologists and business professionals.

The three keynote sessions were:

Bridget Rosewell, Economist & Chairman of Volteera Consulting discussing psychology and its value in economic modelling

Cliff Lansley (MD) and Aaron Garner (Approved Trainer) of Paul Ekman International plc presenting Lie to Me: emotional skills and deception

Professor Jo Silvester, Director of the Organisational Psychology Research Group at City University London talking about her recent research on politicians.

More details.

Cliff Lansley
Article by Cliff Lansley

Expert in emotional intelligence, behavioural analysis and high stake deception detection contexts. Cliff holds; B Ed (Hons), MIOD, MABPsych, Cert Ed.

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