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Behavior Analysis: A Scientific Approach for Getting to the Truth

Behavior Analysis: A Scientific Approach for Getting to the Truth

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  • Do you want to understand people in a deeper, more insightful way?

  • Are you an excellent judge of character, but struggle to articulate why you feel that way?

  • Does your career require you to make high-stakes decisions based on the personality, actions and the behavior of others?

  • Does it matter that the information provided to you is credible and truthful?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, Behavior Analysis Online will help you attain the knowledge and skills you need.


Behavior Analysis Online is built on validated research, conducted in real-life, high-stakes environments and a proven methodology with practical application in mind. Accessible whenever you need it, this online program delivers the best tools available to enable you to read and understand others, and make critical judgments based on their verbal and non-verbal behavior.

The course explores the multiple channels of communication using the scientifically validated ‘Six Channel Analysis System’ (SCANS™) – A comprehensive toolkit for analyzing and interpreting sophisticated behavioral cues across each of the following communication methods:

  • Facial Expressions

  • Body Language

  • Voice Quality

  • Interactional Style

  • Verbal Content

  • Psychophysiology

The course also explores EIA’s effective method of interacting with others to ensure that the information you elicit, in conversations and interviews, is detailed and uncontaminated by less efficient strategies.

It is a holistic approach that can be applied to all types of interactions, including; informal interviewing, conversations and discussions, formal interviews, negotiations and investigative interrogations.


  • Learn how Emotion, Truth, and Lies, are all communicated subconsciously through the six channels of communication.

  • Develop the skills and approaches to accurately interpret verbal and non-verbal communication to gain a deeper understanding of others.

  • Adopt the SCANS™ system and learn how the 27 Points of Interest (PINS) can help uncover what a person is actually thinking and feeling.

  • Learn how to put your new skills and knowledge to practice using the PEEVR™ conversation framework.


  1. Truth, Lies, and Emotion
  2. Six Channel Analysis – Realtime
  3. Into Practice

Language: English

Training Time: Several hours

Access duration: 12 months, single user, repeated access

Platform: Web browser

Please note – This course is designed for viewing on PC or Mac, whilst some elements may function on tablets/mobile many will not.

Certificate on completion: Yes

Once you have completed all modules within the online course you can click ‘Check Progress’ at the top of the course window and download/print your certificate.

Is this course based on scientific research?

Absolutely! We believe strongly that only scientifically validated approaches should be included in our training. You will find no myths here.

How will this help me in my job and personal life?

Behavior analysis applies to every single interaction we have with another person. Whether in high-stakes negotiations, or social engagements, being able to read others is and integral part of building and maintaining understanding, trust, and respect.

Will the course cover the seven universal facial expressions?

Yes, the course will cover this topic in detail, as well as the other five channels of communication – Voice Quality, Interactional Style, Verbal Content, and Psychophysiology.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Once you have completed all modules and quizzes on the course, you will be able to download and print your personalized certificate in the ‘Check Progress’ section.

When will I have access to the training after purchasing?

Once you have paid for the course, you will receive and email containing your login details almost instantly.

Is an internet connection required?

Yes, as this course is delivered online, a strong internet connection will be necessary. It may take a moment for the course to load fully.

“Please note – You will need a good uninterrupted internet/wifi connection to view this course

How long will I have access to the training? 

Upon purchasing the course, you will have unlimited access to the training.

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