Paul Ekman Associate Program

Paul Ekman Associate Program

  • 3 days (Note: ESaC and ETaC must have been completed first).
  • Manchester, UK
  • £5,500


The Ekman Associate Programme offers a fascinating opportunity to develop and hone your skills in the field of Emotion, Communication and Deception Detection. By becoming an Ekman Associate, you will discover a game-changing curriculum created to give you powerful knowledge and skills that you can take forward and share with others.

The Ekman Associate Programmes is a unique opportunity to learn from the methods and skills of the worlds leading pioneer in emotional intelligence, facial expressions, and deception detection, Dr. Paul Ekman.

Over the intensive three-day training programme, you will advance your knowledge within these fields and develop effective presentation and teaching skills that will empower you to take the work forward and help others.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Ekman Associate Seal of Approval that illustrates your expertise in the field and dedication to supporting others.

Note: The three day Ekman Associate Programme is an advanced workshop that forms the third and final stage of becoming an Ekman Associate.  Before you can attend this workshop, you must have first completed the two core Paul Ekman training courses below:

Emotional Skills and Competencies
Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

These prerequisite courses will give you the strong foundational knowledge and skills required to excel as an Ekman Associate and will provide an excellent opportunity to experience Paul Ekman training first hand – A vital step in the development process.

As an Ekman Associate, you will:

  • Become a master of the core Paul Ekman content
  • Be equipped with official resources, videos, slide decks, and materials 
  • Develop multiple uses and applications for the content
  • Have the confidence and expertise to deliver the content professionally and proficiently
  • Understand how to adapt and tailor the content to your clients and their contexts
  • Have a personal development plan to continue your learning and enhance your skill set.

“I strive to improve people’s understanding of their emotional life by taking the discoveries I made and translating them into practical tools and training programmes, based on solid research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and deception” – Dr. Paul Ekman


The Ekman Associate Program is designed for those who work in the field of emotional intelligence, communication, or deception detection, and are looking to up-skill and earn the respected Dr. Paul Ekman Seal of Approval.

Many Ekman Associates have an interest in professional development, where their role involves high-stake interactions with others. Be that – consultants, coaches, trainers and teachers, to HR managers, mentors, and L&D professionals.

Many work within large corporations who are looking to introduce quality training into their company. Others have established businesses of their own and see the Ekman Associate program as a great way to develop themselves and offer a unique edge over the competition. Some associates are in the process of changing their career and see the skills, values, and knowledge developed on the programme as a great opportunity to get a head start.

1) Attend and complete the two core Paul Ekman modules (2 + 3 Days):

Emotional Skills and Competencies – ESaC (2 days)

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility – ETaC (3 days)

2) Attend and Complete the Ekman Associate Program (3 Days).

Note: Proof that you have completed ESaC and ETaC already will be required to be accepted onto the Ekman Associate Program. 

3) Agree the Ekman Associate Terms and Conditions.

Following your booking you will receive a copy of the Ekman Associate Terms and Conditions. This document outlines the scope of an Ekman Associate and is there to protect you, the Ekman brand, and the content.

The maintain your Ekman Associate Seal of Approval there is an annual fee of £500 per year (Subject to VAT)

NOTE: Your first years associate license is included in the Associate workshop price.

You will receive a bundle of content during the Associate program including slides, materials, trainers guides, video content, marketing items and activity briefs.  You must have a signed license and paid for the course in full license before you receive access to this material.


Please find information on the venue and accommodation options below:

13-15th April 2019, Manchester, UK – Venue and accommodation information 

14-16th September 2019, Manchester, UK – Venue and accommodation information


There are two payment methods available to secure your place on this course.

Method 1 – Pay online

Pay £5500 via credit/debit card or PayPal via the ‘Book Now’ button.

Method 2 – Pay via invoice

If you would like to pay via an invoice please contact one of our team and we would be happy to help.

Phone: +44 (0) 161 413 8930

Email: service@eiagroup.com 

Payment plans

Payment plans can be arrange if required. Though please not that full fees must be cleared prior to attending the event – please contact us to discuss this.


On the anniversary of you becoming and Ekman Associate, you will receive and automated invoice for the annual license fee of £500. This will keep you featured on the Ekman International website, and renew your seal of approval.

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