Face Suite

Total: $210

Ultimate Face Suite – All facial expression training tools

Ultimate Face Suite – All facial expression training tools

  • $210

The Ekman FACE Suite includes METT 3.0, SETT 3.0, METT Profile and METT Plus. We highly recommend this package for people interested in achieving the highest accuracy possible in spotting micro and subtle expressions of emotion for both frontal and profile views of the face.

METT 3.0 (Micro Expression Training Tool)

METT is the only training method scientifically proven to teach you to see what you have been missing. It also includes commentary from Dr. Paul Ekman to guide you. When people deliberately try to conceal their emotions or unconsciously repress their emotions, a very brief facial expression occurs. This is invisible to nearly everyone who has not trained with METT as it usually occurs within ½ of a.second.

METT focuses on the seven universal emotions. Anger, Contempt, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, and Surprise are displayed through the same facial muscles for all people. In about an hour you can learn to recognize the emotions concealed in micro expressions. Training with METT enables you to understand others more deeply, putting them at ease and be more successful in many contexts including sales, leadership, management, coaching and customer service. It may also help you to see the difference between truth and lies as part the data given off across the five communication channels of facial expressions, body, voice, verbal style and verbal content.

METT includes a pretest to establish how many micro expressions you can spot without training, followed by training, practice, and a post-test. This way you can see how much you have improved! If you should achieve the minimum target score of 80% or higher on the improvement measure, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you. A minimum score of 80% or higher will grant you a certificate of satisfactory completion, a score of 95% or higher will grant you a certificate of expertise.

SETT is a training method that will teach you to spot the very ‘mini’ facial movements that may occur when efforts are being made to conceal any sign of emotion that is felt. Such small movements can occur when people are deliberately trying to eliminate any sign of how they are feeling but a trace still remains. They often appear in just one region of the face: the brows, eyelids, cheeks, nose or lips.

The person showing such a slight expression may not realize he or she is even feeling an emotion – but you will. Usually, you will be able to tell whether it is an emotion beginning gradually or a suppressed/repressed emotion from the context: what has just happened and what you may know of the person.

METT Profile will teach to spot micro-expressions when you do not have a full view of the face.

METT Profile should is best used after having used METT 3.0, as METT 3.0 will teach you how to recognize micro expressions when you have a full frontal view of the person of interest and prepare you for the more challenging METT Profile.

Whenever there are more people involved in a discussion, we often see only the profile view of some of the participants. And, in surveillance often profile views are all that is sometimes available. This is where METT Profile comes in. It builds on what you have learned about micro-expressions already using METT 3.0 and offers a training, practice, and testing on spotting micro expression when only one side of the face is visible, great for when you are sitting at a dinner table or in a board meeting.

Unlike METT 3.0 there is no certificate available for this course.

METT Plus is designed to be a compliment to METT 3.0, to help you achieve the maximum skill level and score you can achieve with the METT training. METT Plus is an expanded version of METT 3.0.  It provides several practice rounds, with a wide range of faces.  This way, you can build your success rate without memorizing faces.

It can take several hours to complete to get the full benefit from this tool.

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