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METT PROFILE – Side profile practice for after METT 3.0

METT PROFILE – Side profile practice for after METT 3.0

  • 75 Minutes
  • $49

METT Profile will teach to spot micro-expressions when you do not have a full view of the face.

METT Profile should is best used after having used METT 3.0, as METT 3.0 will teach you how to recognize micro expressions when you have a full frontal view of the person of interest and prepare you for the more challenging METT Profile.

If you have not already taken that training, please do that first, and then come back to learn METT Profile.
Whenever there are more people involved in a discussion, we often see only the profile view of some of the participants. And, in surveillance profile views are often all that is available.

This is where METT Profile comes in. It builds on what you have learned about micro-expressions already using METT 3.0 and offers training, practice, and testing on spotting micro expression when only one side of the face is visible, great for when you are sitting at a dinner table or in a board meeting.


Unlike METT 3.0 there is no certificate available for this course.

Sections: Intro, Training, Practice, Review, Practice A, Practice B, Practice C
Language: English
Training Time: about 75 minutes
License: 1 year, single user, repeated access
Platform: Web browser (please see system requirements)
Certificate: No

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