SETT 3.0

Total: $59

SETT 3.0 – Subtle Expression Training Tool

SETT 3.0 – Subtle Expression Training Tool

  • 90 minutes
  • $59

SETT is a training method that will teach you to spot the very ‘mini’ facial movements that may occur when efforts are being made to conceal any sign of emotion that is felt.

SETT will train you to see the very “mini” expressions that often appear in just one region of your face.

Such small movements can occur when people are deliberately trying to eliminate any sign of how they are feeling but a trace still remains. They often appear in just one region of the face: the brows, eyelids, cheeks, nose or lips. The person showing such a slight expression may not realize he or she is even feeling an emotion – but you will. When this happens the subtle expression provides leakage of the felt emotion. Subtle expressions also occur when the emotion felt is slight, and does not increase over time. The subtle expressions for each of the seven universal emotions are presented in this online tool created by Dr. Paul Ekman: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, happiness, surprise, and contempt. (The only one of those words that may be unfamiliar is contempt, which is a feeling of moral superiority).

This tool has also been scientifically validated by Dr. Ekman. Paul Ekman’s book, Emotions Revealed, explains how to best use the information you will now be able to pick up from subtle facial expressions in the business world, family life, and friendship. You can also attend powerful Paul Ekman approved workshops to develop your knowledge and skills in reading emotions and truth/lies in others through a wider range of non-verbal and verbal communication channels.


Sections: Intro, Learn, Practice
Language: English
Training Time: about 90 minutes
License: 1 year, single user, repeated access.
Platform: Web browser (please see system requirements)
Certificate: Yes

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