Certification: E-Factor Certified Facilitator

Specialisation: Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Developmental Solutions

Duncan is an engaging and inspiring leadership and OD professional in the realm of Emotional Intelligence, backed by the reputable E-Factor Certification. His personal drive and passion comes from working with individuals and teams to unlock their skills and understanding of emotional intelligence as an essential part of team, leadership and organisational development. Utilising the E-Factor assessment tool, he provides in-depth insights into emotional strengths and areas for improvement, enabling individuals to build their personal resilience, enhance their leadership qualities, and deliver increased levels of effectiveness in their communication skills. He supports this with one-to-one coaching as part of a personal development plan. Duncan has facilitated Emotional Intelligence programs for a wide array of clients, from SMEs to Blue-chip companies, in both public and private sectors supporting the changes driven by improved emotional intelligence in the workplace. With a client-centric approach, he tailors his facilitation to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual or team, resulting in measurable, sustainable growth.

Please note that Duncan encourages initial contact via email or LinkedIn message to arrange a