Certification: E-Factor Certified Facilitator

Specialisation: Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Leadership Development

Dr. Irvine Nugent believes that leadership development is a journey from the inside out. If our Emotional Intelligence is lacking, then any new business or life skill we attempt to implement will be adversely impacted. He has worked extensively with organisations and their executive and emerging leaders as an executive coach and consultant, helping them become more self-aware, manage their emotions, read the emotions of others, and manage relationships.

Born in Northern Ireland, Irvine brings to his clients a rich and varied experience. Paramount for him is the importance of creating a safe space so that each client can explore their Emotional Intelligence and leave with practical strategies to grow and develop. He earned his Ph.D. from Capella University with research focused on leadership in times of crisis. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s executive coaching program.

Please note that Irvine encourages initial contact via email or LinkedIn message to arrange a consultation.