Certification: E-Factor Certified Facilitator

Specialisation: Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Developmental Solutions

After spending decades in sales and navigating corporate communications among various internal departments and external clients, in addition to mentoring, training, and coaching other sales representatives, Maren changed career paths – opting to follow her passion in Emotional Intelligence. Her studies earned her a Master’s Degree in Communication, Behaviour, and Credibility Analysis, and her thesis focused on the societal benefits of learning and implementing Emotional Intelligence. Since graduating, Maren earned certification as an e-Factor facilitator.

Her passion is anchored in guiding individuals and organisations to develop their understanding of and enhance their emotional intelligence in the workplace and their personal relationships. Utilising the e-Factor assessment tool, she assists in helping others to understand their emotional strengths and areas for development, thus building more meaningful relationships and a healthy workplace.

By placing the client at the centre of the process, she customizes facilitation to the individual needs and objectives of each client, culminating in a meaningful, professional or personal development plan (PDP) that is agile, achievable, and sustainable.

Please note that Maren encourages initial contact via email or LinkedIn message to arrange a consultation.