Márton is a SCAnS trainer and coder with a background in economics. He has worked in leadership positions for over 15 years in the hospitality industry. As in financial matters, he is also an advocate of practical skills and solutions during trainings, therefore, he is striving to give hands-on, practical knowledge to the participants of his courses. Márton’s aim is to bring SCAnS to the attention of as many people as possible, because learning it and using it, results in not only the enhanced ability to detect deception, but a better understanding of the people around us, and an increase in our emotional intelligence as well.

Márton also has a FACS coding certificate, and a postgraduate qualification in criminal profiling. As the co-founder and trainer of the NonVerbal Academy, a training and consulting company, Márton has experience in delivering behaviour analysis training programs to corporate clients from an array of sectors including financial and legal services, construction, commerce, education and human resources.