Certification: E-Factor Certified Facilitator

Specialisation: Emotions in the workplace and their impact on individuals, teams and organisations

Phil has decades of experience consulting, coaching and developing emotional intelligence in others. Working across geographies, sectors and industries, his impact is felt by many. The e-Factor certification and assessment tool adds a deeper, richer and evidenced tool for the benefit of clients. Phil’s deep expertise in the role and impact of emotion in behaviour, communication, credibility and deception allows him to combine multiple disciples for application in team dynamics and development, leadership development, resilience and talent development.

Evidence and measurement of impact are crucial to Phil, and his passion for qualifying and quantifying the impact of the work he completes is shown in his status as a Gold Certified Kirkpatrick Facilitator. The e-Factor adds another indicator of impact to support and reinforce the value that Phil adds to the work he does. If you want someone that walks the walk in terms of emotional intelligence and its benefit to the world, Phil is the one.

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