Certification: E-Factor Certified Facilitator

Specialisation: Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Developmental Solutions

With her profound management experience in the banking sector in Canada, Roxana has remarkably shifted her focus toward personal development and leadership coaching. She has fostered a distinct and compelling leadership style by merging her industry knowledge and passion for emotional and conversational intelligence.

The e-Factor assessment tool stands central to her approach, enabling her to build not just high-functioning teams but emotionally intelligent ones. Roxana’s unique capability to uncover and nurture individual and collective strengths truly sets her apart. By endorsing this personalized, data-driven method, she has spurred significant transformations within the life of her clients and organizations.

Roxana inspires individuals and teams to reach their potential and attain exceptional achievement toward unparalleled success.

Please note that Roxana encourages initial contact via email or LinkedIn message to arrange a consultation.