Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis

EIA offers a range of consultancy and analytical services in the field of primary detection, behavior analysis, forensic emotion awareness and truth/credibility assessment to help organizations to minimize risk due to deception, fraud, and malintent.

We use leading-edge behavioral science to measure, observe and systematically evaluate a client’s thoughts and feelings in criminal, business, medical and interpersonal contexts.

The average ability of those we haven’t trained in detecting truth and lies is around 54% – no better than chance (Vrij, A. – Detecting Lies and Deceit, 2008). Misjudging high-stakes deception can have severe consequences for both the individual attempting to deceive and the victim of the deception and it should not be left to chance.

We have a unique team of trained behavioral analysis experts, coordinated by Cliff Lansley, who have been hand-selected from those certified under our Paul Ekman International plc subsidiary company (and beyond) from the fields of psychology, linguistics, forensics, neuroscience and sociology who can help public and private sector organisations minimize risk with such high stake decisions. We use leading-edge behavioral science to measure, observe and systematically evaluate a client’s thoughts and feelings in criminal, business, medical and interpersonal contexts.

We are particularly interested in applying scientific method to analyzing live or video-recorded interventions with subjects where we have the opportunity to guide our clients towards where they need to go when they have a second opportunity to engage and explore issues with those subjects.

CASE STUDY: Security and Anti-Terrorism – Behavior Analysis Specialists

We can tailor the research-based primary detection and behavior analysis approaches for your organisation (Ports/Events/VIP transit) using indicators of deception and malintent that aid reliable decision making. This is organised under our  OTER/iALERTTM primary detection model:

  1. Observe multiple subjects from a distance
  2. Target individuals who exhibit clusters of behavioral indicators of potential malintent
  3. Engage those targeted in casual elicitation/conversations and/or formal interviews by uniformed and non-uniformed security staff
  4. Respond appropriately following the engagement (e.g. release, refer, arrest, report, etc).

The Observe and Target phases are centred on forty-nine primary detection behavior indicators, with twenty-seven of those behaviour indicators being the focus once the target has been Engaged in casual conversation and/or semi-/formal interview processes.

The iALERTTM approach and indicators are Classified and these services are available only to Government and National organisations. Enquiries in confidence quoting ‘iALERT’ in the subject direct to

Cleared White Paper available here: EIA-CNAB-SRI iALERT White Paper (restricted) Apr2017


EIA team members featured on the UK “Lying Game” ITV documentary recently where three behavioral analysis experts were called upon to analyze “Crimes that Fooled Britain.” Also during 2016-17 on Discover Channel, The Learning Channel, BBC and Channel 4 consulting on criminal cases. (see examples in NEWS section of site)

We take a research-based, hypothesis-driven approach to gather and evaluate behavioral data and build strategies to guide our clients with intervention strategies, and decision-making. Although we have a laboratory and mobile technology to aid research and training, we pride ourselves on interventions that are ethical and do not use covert equipment wherever possible.

We have a team of specialists including FACS Coders (Facial Action Coding System), Behavior Analysts, Linguistic Experts (paralinguistics/Statement Validity Analysis), Psychologists and Neuroscience experts. Our ethics apply at a higher level too as we always look for approaches where we can develop strategies, skills, processes, and capability within organizations, where appropriate, so we do not create dependency.

Our team of consultants includes psychologists and specialists who have worked with individuals/organizations from multiple fields where the consequences of misreading truth and lies can be significant, including:

  • national security/border control
  • law enforcement/prisons
  • human resource management
  • corporate fraud
  • personnel risk management/close protection
  • event security
  • negotiations/arbitration
  • medicine/social work
  • market research
  • investment appraisal.

All our consultancy work is conducted professionally and confidentially.

We do not consult on politicians seeking (or in) office; nor do we consult on those still within the judicial system, unless requested by credible National/Federal/State police or security organisations. We are not a Private Investigation organization, and so we do not provide services to individuals outside a corporate environment (e.g. relationships/marriage/wills).

Please contact us with your requirements by telephone on
+44 (0) 161 413 8930 or email so we can assign one of our team to establish how we might help you.

A brief email could start this off by letting us know your answers to the following:
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  • Your name and contact details
  • Your organisation’s website so we can do some homework before the call
  • The general aim of the training that you are thinking of
  • What are the roles of the staff are you targeting for the training
  • How many will you involve
  • What are your timescales
  • Are you wanting external trainers or for us to train internal trainers to cascade the courses
  • How urgent is this
  • Anything else we need to know about the initiative
  • How and when can we contact you

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