Cliff Lansley PhD

Cliff Lansley PhD

Any mother who can allow her child to be open to the abuse Shannon suffered must feel guilty or be evil.

I believe that Karen was rightfully convicted following some great police work.

However, I have examined the videos and case history and feel we still do not have the full truth here.

Between the 999 call and the press appeal, something changed significantly.

Did Karen really put Shannon in trusted hands for a few days as she claimed while she managed the separation from Craig Meehan – a guy she described as violent and who was convicted of child pornography?

Did other members of the family become involved once the Sun offered a £20,000 rising to £50,000 reward, and did this extend the time that Karen wanted Shannon to be away?

In the TV appeal was there any truth in Karen not being able to trust those close to her and wanting Shannon back?

Karen’s behaviour supports this hypothesis.

Watch ‘Shannon Matthews – what happened next’ on Channel 5 on Tuesday 28 February and make up your own mind.

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Cliff Lansley PhD

Cliff Lansley PhD

Expert in emotional intelligence, behavioural analysis and high stake deception detection contexts. Cliff holds; PhD in Emotional Intelligence, B Ed (Hons), MIOD, MABPsych, Cert Ed.