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Harry Lansley

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A groundbreaking report by Skills Builder Partnership and the CIPD has brought to light a startling economic reality: the UK is haemorrhaging £22 billion annually due to a lack of investment in developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills. This revelation underscores the urgent need to address this deficit in the modern workplace.

The Cost of Neglecting Emotional Intelligence

The report identifies critical areas where a lack of ‘soft skills’ is most damaging, and while we don’t use the term soft skills here, we agree with the findings that lack of EQ leads to: reduced productivity, increased employee turnover, and diminished customer satisfaction. These findings suggest that EQ, often overshadowed by technical skills, is equally crucial for organisational success.

Essential Emotional Intelligence Skills for Today’s Workforce

Emotional Intelligent Team Work

The modern workplace demands a workforce adept in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. These skills are integral for effective collaboration in diverse and dynamic environments. The report underscores that Emotional Intelligence is not just a personal attribute but a vital professional competency.

The Call to Action

Responding to these findings, the report encourages both the government and businesses to focus on and invest more in Emotional Intelligence training programmes. Such measures aim to improve individual employee performance and cultivate healthier, more efficient workplace atmospheres.

Integrating Emotional Intelligence into Talent Management:

Emotional Intelligence WFH

The recommendation for employers is clear: make EQ development a cornerstone of talent management strategies. This approach goes beyond mere training, embedding EI into the fabric of organisational development and employee growth.


The Skills Builder Partnership and CIPD report is a rallying cry. Investing in EQ training is imperative for constructing resilient, capable, and empathetic workforces in the UK. Now is the moment to act, to curtail financial losses and unlock the full potential of our human resources.

For an in-depth understanding of the report, I recommend directly reading the “Essential Skills Tracker 2023” from the Skills Builder Partnership here.

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Harry Lansley

Harry Lansley

Emotional Intelligence Specialist