Harry Lansley

Harry Lansley

Emotional Intelligence Specialist

Introducing e-Factor, the pioneering Emotional Intelligence test that unravels the mysteries of your EQ. This game-changing instrument brings to light your EI strengths and weaknesses, offering indispensable insights for personal growth and professional advancement.

The Powerful Impact of Emotional Intelligence

As human beings, we possess a rich tapestry of emotions. Emotional Intelligence is all about harnessing the power of these emotions and using them effectively. And the EQ (Emotional Quotient) effect has significant implications in several critical areas of our lives.

  • Career Progression: Leaders with high EQ outshine those with lower EQs, improving their promotion prospects.
  • Stress Management: Individuals with high EQs are better equipped to handle job-related stress, demonstrating up to 34% improved stress management ability compared to those with lower EQs.
  • Relationship Satisfaction: Emotional Intelligence is positively associated with relationship satisfaction, crucial for maintaining a harmonious partnership.
  • Customer Service: The EQ of a service provider plays a critical role in shaping customers’ buying experiences, with 70% of these experiences based on perceived treatment.
  • Academic Performance: Students with high EQs typically perform better academically and retain more information from their studies.
  • Mental Well-being: High-EQ individuals are more adept at managing stress, generally maintaining better health habits, leading to improved overall physical health.

Unleashing Emotional Intelligence with e-Factor

e-Factor is revolutionising how we understand and engage with our emotional competencies as individuals or corporations.

e-Factor for Individuals

The e-Factor EI assessment tool provides individuals with a detailed understanding of their emotional competencies, spotlighting strengths and pinpointing areas for growth. It encourages self-awareness, cultivates emotional management skills, and enriches decision-making abilities. With e-Factor, individuals can enhance their emotional Intelligence, improve personal relationships, and promote overall well-being.

e-Factor for Businesses

For large corporations, the e-Factor EI assessment tool is an invaluable resource. Accurately identifying emotional competencies enables tailored development programs, augmenting team dynamics and business performance. Furthermore, the e-Factor is a brilliant predictor of candidate suitability and potential during recruitment, optimising talent acquisition.

Master Certified e-Factor Facilitator (MCeFF)

The MCeFF initiative invites individuals to join a network that fosters growth through Emotional Intelligence. As an MCeFF, you’ll have access to a comprehensive toolkit of resources, methodologies, and strategies to harness EI and drive client achievement. This role offers avenues for personal and professional growth and the opportunity to contribute to creating a more emotionally intelligent world.

e-Factor: A New Standard in Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The e-Factor® sets itself apart from other emotional intelligence tools by providing a comprehensive, three-pronged approach. This approach incorporates the KUSA score, 360-degree feedback, and self-judgment variance, providing a more balanced, accurate measure of emotional Intelligence.

Distinct from other tools that predominantly depend on self-reporting, e-Factor® factors in objective indicators and external perspectives, thereby minimising self-reporting bias, and uniquely quantifies self-awareness, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of Emotional Intelligence.

Critical features of e-Factor include:

  • Scientific: e-Factor is based on a robust validation process, leveraging the latest technology and peer-reviewed methodologies.
  • Ability Focused: e-Factor emphasises EI competencies rather than book-smart abilities.
  • User Friendly: e-Factor is intuitive and easy to use across multiple devices.
  • Global Support: A global network of certified e-Factor facilitators is available to assist test-takers.
  • Triangulation: e-Factor combines a self-report, 360-degree report, and a KUSA assessment into one instrument, providing a remarkably accurate measurement of EQ.
  • Expandable: e-Factor is perfect for both individuals and organisations, regardless of the assessment scale.

In conclusion

e-Factor represents a breakthrough for measuring and improving emotional intelligence skills and transforms soft skills into hard, quantifiable intelligence. e-Factor is an EQ test designed for everyone, bringing a comprehensive understanding of the test-takers emotional Intelligence to the fore in various life aspects. With e-Factor, no stone is left unturned in the quest to understand and harness the power of Emotional Intelligence.

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Harry Lansley

Harry Lansley

Emotional Intelligence Specialist