This EmotionIntell™ Self Report tool explores your emotional intelligence abilities and generates an individual EmotionIntell™ profile informed by your responses. It also has a 360º Report option to invite feedback from those around you.

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EmotionIntell™ Assessment Tool


This EmotionIntell™ tool will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your emotional intelligence abilities and skills. It is based on the most up-to-date Emotional Intelligence model (see comprehensive, 2020, scientific study here developed by Cliff Lansley PhD. It provides a profile for 12 competencies clustered into 4 quadrants of:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social (other) Awareness
  • Social Interaction Management.

This self-knowledge is essential in relationship building, negotiations, sales, conflict resolution, customer service, and other people-centred contexts.

There is an option for you to enhance your self-assessment report by adding in feedback from some of those who know you well. We call this ‘360 degree’ feedback as it will allow you to explore how others experience and perceive your communication styles to help you make decisions about any changes you might choose to make in your interactions.

We recommend that you invite between 3 and 5 people who know you well (ideally for 2 or more years) – either purely from a work context, from family/friends, or a mixture of these. You will receive an AVERAGE of their assessments in a 360º Report that is generated against your Self Report. This means you get the chance to compare their perceptions with yours. This can help you to identify strengths, preferences, and/or development areas that you might be unaware of. Their feedback ratings are averaged, as we have seen how this encourages others to be open and honest with their feedback without risk of repercussions, especially if they report to you and may want to ‘be kind’ to you or even may ‘fear you’ – perish the thought!

(N.B. In 2023 there will also be an objective measurement tool that will enhance your self [and 360º] perception profiles with a ‘right/wrong’ test that provides an objective EQ score for you. All those who buy this tool will be invited to be the first to use the EmotionIntell™ Situational Judgement Test diagnostic).

What you will learn

  • A clear, graphical profile highlighting your self-perception of your emotional intelligence abilities. This version of the tool was created by Dr Cliff Lansley to provide a mixture of scenarios from work and non-work contexts.
  • Breakdown of each of the 4 quadrants into 12 competencies and your rating on each of them
  • Links to resources and blogs that can help you develop your emotional intelligence
  • The 360º Report option offers richer data from the perceptions of those around you
  • This gives you a common language around your emotional intelligence abilities to enable meaningful discussions with your colleagues, friends, and/or family.

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Yes. And you only pay for the upgrade difference.

No. This is a stocktake of your own perceptions of your emotional intelligence abilities against a reliable EI model. This will help you to build on your strengths and prioritise your personal development. You will learn how you can use this personal insight (plus the option to elicit feedback from others) to work out the challenges you may have with your emotional intelligence. This will direct you towards development that can help you maximise your effectiveness with others in your communications, presentations, leadership, negotiations, and relationships.

It is almost instant, as this is an online tool where the profile is generated as soon as you submit your responses. You also receive a pdf version of your profile by email for you to keep. The 360º Report is automatically sent to you once all your raters have completed the feedback.

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