The Assessment Tools below have been created to support those interested in developing their emotional intelligence capabilities. They focus on your Communication Styles (how you interact with others), your Personal Styles (your traits and personality), and your Emotional Intelligence skills and abilities (EmotionIntellTM).

Each of the tools generate an instant profile report, along with short videos, to help you to interpret your results. You will notice that there are two formats for each tool:

  1. Self Report – is generated from your perceptions of your own abilities/styles and organised to help you to make decisions about any personal development priorities that your results might reveal.
  2. 3600 Report – this version includes you Self Report, though it also provides an opportunity for you to invite between 3 and 5 people who know you well (ideally for 2 or more years).

If you select Self Report only, you will have the opportunity to add-in the 3600 Report component later if you wish.

There is great power in using all 3 tools to provide you with a comprehensive stocktake of your styles and abilities. This is useful for you if you are looking to improve or refine your performance and emotional intelligence skills at work or in life generally – especially in emotionally charged and high-stake interactions and communications.

Assessment Tools