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What you will learn from our online training tools,

There are seven facial expressions of emotion that are displayed universally around the world. No matter a where a person was born, or their upbringing. They will all display the same facial expression for following emotions – Happy, Sad, Disgust, Anger, Contempt, Fear, and Surprise.

The tools below are designed to develop your ability to spot, and accurately recognize these seven facial expressions so you can better read and understand others.

New to Micro-Expression training?

If you are new to reading micro and subtle facial expressions in others, we would recommend beginning with METT 3.0 first. This tool trains you to see Micro Expressions – these are the bigger, more full, facial expressions that are displayed on the face.  This tool is fantastic for laying the foundation and helping you build your skills in spotting micro and subtle facial expressions.

Subtle expressions like the ones in SETT 3.0 are much smaller movements. They tend to occur in only one area of the face (i.e. a facial expression of disgust is only shown in the wrinkling of the nose) and can be quicker.  This makes Subtle expressions that little more challenging to spot, and we would, therefore, recommend you move on to SETT 3.0 once you are comfortable with METT 3.0.

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