Six Channel Analysis System – Train the Trainer [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]

We are looking for training/coaching partners around the globe to help their clients to unlock the secrets of behaviour analysis. Can you help us to help others to learn how to read a person’s body language, facial expressions, psychophysiology, verbal style, voice, and content, and develop their ability to detect deception and get to the truth in high-stake contexts using the Six Channel Analysis System (SCAnS)?

What are the entry requirements?

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You will need to have completed and been certified on either:


You will be an experienced, qualified Trainer or Coach already working in this or a related field.

The Outputs

This SCAnR TTT programme will help you to blend you skills to coach and train others in Behaviour Analysis using the SCAnR approach. Those who successfully compete the programme will:

  1. be an EIA Certified SCAnR Trainer
  2. be licensed by EIA to deliver the SCAnR Behaviour Analysis course globally (you will be listed on the EIA website),
  3. secure access to the EIA repository of related models, videos, audios, pdf files, etc to deliver training, coaching and presentations using EIA content. Sample slide decks will be provided though you will be free to incorporate the copyrighted images/models into your own branding.
  4. provide access to EIA Certification via a post-development assessment that results in EIA Certification for your clients at Pass/Merit/Distinction levels.

What You Can Deliver

What can I deliver?

You will be licensed to offer the SCAnR content via:

  • live training sessions and presentations (face to face and/or virtual),
  • coaching and mentoring programmes, and
  • an optional upgrade to offer the content as a passive online course.

The course content can be blended with your own material for specific sectors (e.g. security/finance/law enforcement/negotiations/ interviewing/leadership/etc) but EIA Certification and Assessment is based on the full content being incorporated.

The Certification Process

Those who complete the course will be assessed by:

  • A post-test
  • A SCAnS coding assignment (Certified SCAnS Coders are exempt from this).
  • Tutor assessment during the 3-day SCAnR TTT course.

Will the course teach me to be a Trainer/Coach?

No. The course is open only for experienced/qualified Trainers/Coaches – so we will help you to leverage those skills to deliver the SCAnR content, though it is more of an assessment process. The group will work together over the 3 days to delivering, reviewing and assessing multiple approaches to mastering and delivering the content.

What is the Investment?

There are two main parts to the SCAnR TTT licensing:

  1. The 3-day SCAnR TTT course is £2700.
  2. The initial 2 -year License is £3000 for year one and £3000 for year two (a 3 year license is available for £7500).

You cannot just be Certified without a License to use the EIA materials.

Certification for your clients is via online Assessment by EIA. This is optional for £30 per person for assessment/certification.

If you need/want to deploy the SCAnR Behaviour Analysis course online you have the option to do that only if you upgrade to the ‘online’ License for a further £3000 per year (£6000 per year after the TTT course costs). The only restriction is that the material can only be deployed within a controlled, password-protected course – not made freely available via web or social media.

Exclusive Special Offer

The first SCAnS Train The Trainer will go ahead on the 8 – 10th of November, 2023. For anyone looking to attend this first intake for theSCAnS TTT will have the benefit of the following special offer:

  • 3 day TTT Event £2160*
  • Year one Licensing £2400*
  • Optional Passive Upgrade £2400*

*All fees are subject to VAT (not included)

  • Total Savings with Optional Passive Upgrade: £1740
  • Total Savings without Optional Passive Upgrade: £1140

To claim this special offer, we ask that all prospects book for the November Train The Trainer before September 1st, 2023, when we will be opening it up to the public on our website.

All paid applicants will receive access to the online SCAnS course for content refreshment and watermarked training materials to help you prepare for the November event.

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SCAnS TTT + Live Training License

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SCAnS TTT + Live + Passive Online Training License

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SCAnS, or the Six Channel Analysis System, is a scientifically-backed approach to behavioral analysis focusing on reading body language, facial cues, and more – learn more here –


SCAnS offers a reliable, comprehensive, and research-driven approach, providing an unparalleled window into understanding and influencing human communication. It also combines 27 research-backed behavioral indicators across six communication channels.

Businesses, professionals across various fields like law, leadership, politics, human resources, and finance, and individuals who want to understand human behavior better.

Applicants should either be certified in EIA Behaviour Analysis (SCAnS) course, hold an MSc qualification with EIA, or be an EIA Certified SCAnS Coder.

You? No… You have already had the appropriate training to join the SCAnS TTT

As you have been personally invited to help us on this initiative, and we are so confident in the material, system and TTT training that if you or we don’t feel you are ready to deliver SCAnS at the end of the programme, we will support you until you are!

As you have already completed stage 1 and 2 of ‘The Process’ you will only have to attend the 3-day Train the Trainer event.

Yes, all trainers will undergo a post-test assessment, and SCAnS coding assignment (if not already SCAnS Certified), and a tutor assessment during the course.

Yes, while EIA will provide recommended prices, trainers can tailor their pricing based on local economic situations, volumes, and other factors.

We never say ‘never’ but we have invested 10 years into this work and once the final SME validation has concluded in April 2023, we will keep the instrument stable so as not to introduce any intrinsic variables. After the first two-years validation we will respond as professional researchers to the uses, feedback, and applications and make any necessary refinements. We expect we will morph the text based SJT components to short (video) vignettes so the context is richer and we can remove the need for users to ‘read’ the situations.

No, the License for SCAnS is universally applicable, allowing trainers to have a global reach.

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SCAnS TTT + Live Training License

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SCAnS TTT + Live + Passive Online Training License

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