Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA Group) was established to develop the skills and competencies required to communicate effectively and compassionately with others and ensure both your personal and professional success and a safer world.

We employ and work with leading social scientists to bring the best research in human behavior to the forefront of academic and professional development, through well-crafted training courses designed to develop knowledge and skills, fit for real-world applications.

With offices in UK, France, and the USA, The EIA Group operates internationally with a range of forensic communication, emotional awareness courses, and consultancy services. Our research and courses support foundation skills through to a unique Masters degree in Communications, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis (MSc in CBCA), in partnership with the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

We are particularly proud of our relationship with the worlds leading expert in Emotion, and Deception, Dr Paul Ekman.  Through our sister company Paul Ekman International plc, Paul Ekman courses are now available accrss the world, and in mutiple languges.

Paul Ekman approved courses are now available in 26 different countries being delivered by a team of the high quality approved trainers and training centres.

The courses are now available in English, Italian and German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin. All translated courses are delivered by bi/multi-lingual approved trainers to assure the content is conveyed properly through the understanding of the nuance in each language.

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