Join Paul Ekman International

Join Paul Ekman International

Paul Ekman International PLC (PEI) is the company that has been licensed by the Paul Ekman Group as the sole authorized provider of Paul Ekman training in the world. PEI is part of the EIA Group

PEI and EIA’s role is to build on the science and training experience of Dr. Ekman by developing and deploying high quality training programs and materials across the globes in partnership with established high quality training providers.

Becoming a Paul Ekman International Licensed Delivery Centre (LDC)

PEI LDC’s hold a License direct with PEI to promote, sell and deliver the Paul Ekman training modules within your territories. An LDC will be a separate legal entity having strong internal training ability and is interested in adding PEI modules to their repertoire for their employees and/or clients. There will be two main types of LDC:

  1. Corporate LDC – a large private/public/social organisation that may have its own human resources or organizational development function that wants to train internal employees using PEI Core Modules.
  2. Commercial LDC – a private/public/social organization whose primary business is training and development. This could be a University, a private training company or even a commercial HR department of a corporate who offers services outside of their employees. We will secure a sector spread of LDCs so that we have geographical and sector expertise led provision across areas.

Becoming a Paul Ekman International Approved Trainer

Only top class experienced/qualified trainers will be accepted onto the Paul Ekman International ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes. Most applicants have significant experience in the emotional/deception/communication fields, many have a solid social science background and must have already attended the Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility(ETaC) and the Emotional Skills and Competences(ESaC) courses so they have experienced the courses as delegates. Trainers who pass this course then go forward on probation for three events which are attended/videoed by Paul Ekman International with support throughout.
They will have established, or be working within, a Licensed Delivery Centre.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more please call the UK head office on +44 (0) 161 413 8930 or fill in the short enquiry form below:

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