A conversation with world-leading researcher and expert in emotion, facial expressions, behaviour and deception – Dr. David Matsumoto.

This conversation was broadcast live to EIA students completing their studies for the Master of Science Degree in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis on 28th July 2022

David Matsumoto’s contributions have significantly shifted our understanding and application of behavioural science to new levels. Dr. Matsumoto is the first person to ever publish a Peer reviewed article on facial expressions. He and a small team were the first to develop the widely popular micro expression training tool – MiX.

Dr Matsumoto is unique in that he has his feet firmly planted in both the academic and ‘real world’ application of behavioural science. He is trusted by many of the security and policing organisations within the US who seek his training to support their teams so they can better read and understand the people they engage with and help keep themselves and the world safe.