What is EmotionIntell™ – The Emotional Intelligence Model?

EmotionIntell is an approach to Emotional Intelligence (EI) developed by the EIA Group following many years of research. It is based on a definition of EI that evolved from that research:

 ‘The ability to perceive, understand, and influence our own and others’ emotions, across a range of contexts, to guide our current thinking and actions, to help us to achieve our goals’. 

It is a generic ability EI model that consists of 12 competencies grouped into 4 quadrants.

The detail behind this model can be explored in our Knowledge Base here

The full doctoral thesis from Dr. Cliff Lansley that underpins EmotionIntell is also available on the Manchester Metropolitan University website here.

Why Was it Developed?

EmotionIntell was developed following years of waiting for someone else to do this work. We were frustrated with the ‘dog’s dinner’ of EI models that were out there. We needed a generic ability model that could result in an EQ measure in a similar way to how IQ tests provide a measure of scholastic intelligence. Sadly, the market and research literature were littered with conflicting ability and trait models and mixtures in between – highlighted as a degenerating research programme with defensive shifts in terminology and hypotheses (Mayer et al, 2008). 

This was a problem for researchers who were building projects on flaky foundations, and for human resource professionals tasked with bringing EI into their organizations and them not knowing where to start. We grew tired of waiting, and so EIA Group seconded one of our directors, Cliff Lansley, to tackle the issue on a three-year sabbatical. The research was done under a PhD to ensure academic discipline throughout the work. This was important as we were keen to get a solid model in place for adults first before we adapted the model for children. Our driver is to get EI into the school curriculum for 4-year-olds. We believe prevention of emotion management challenges in adolescence and adulthood is better tackled early, rather than trying to deal with the consequences (violence, crime, mental health) in later life. 

Who is it Designed For?

The resulting curriculum has been condensed into a three-day virtual course to help adults across the globe to review and develop their emotional management skills and abilities. In particular, we are keen to help those working in high-stake environments (eg social work, law enforcement, business, leadership, sales, negotiation, human resources, military, intelligence, coaching, teaching, and therapy), though we recognize the programme will help anyone keen to develop their ‘people skills’. 

Why is it the Best?

Not only is EmotionIntell built on a solid EI research base, but it is also structured using sound educational design so learners are safe and are able to complete the programme successfully. We use our own KUSAP structure – building Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, then encouraging Application exercises that transfer readily into enhanced EI Performance back in work and life. The live, virtual interface and learner-engagement methodology is leading-edge, challenging and fun. It isn’t therapy, but attendees often tell us, following completion of the course, that the reflection opportunities and skill-building sessions were therapeutic.

If you’d like to study more with us, you can find our EmotionIntell live virtual workshop here. 

Here are a few comments from those who have completed EmotionIntell:

David Keighley: Psychotherapist
This was one of the most inspiring and truly educational trainings I have ever attended.
Mickie: Fitness Coach
I found it fascinating that a way has been found to quantify emotional intelligence. Personally, I feel I am very aware of myself, but I’ve always struggled to articulate it. I feel this course has given me an academic angle to an area that I’m already pursing hard in a more feel-based way. I am now equipped with terminology and strategies that I can label to apply to life and clients.
Monaliza M. Amid
I loved it. I’ve been on an ‘EI journey’ for many years, yet I still gained so much. In fact, I came in with a very specific objective and got a breakthrough by the end of the programme. Thank you so much!
Padraig O Cedigh
Excellent course – great content – excellent presentation – motivating and engaging – interaction strategy kept audience engaged and helped to create a solid learning experience
Orsolya Koncz
It was the best course ever. The material is outstanding, and I could learn so much during these 3 days. I liked how the material was structured. I loved the group exercises as well. Cliff and Aaron were perfect and the energy between them plus the team work is really good. The course opened new perspectives and I would like to continue my studies on these fields. It offered deeper understanding about ourselves, others, the world, the relationships and on the EI itself. I loved this course.
Diana Andreea Stoian
The course was outstanding!! Magnificent work, super interesting and thought-provoking! I’m buzzing ever since. There are so many points that stuck with me. Starting from the all-encompassing critical analysis and distillation of previous research, challenging and demounting the validity of widely trusted methods and well-established tools, with brilliant arguments. It’s inspiring because it sets a great example of holding an open yet critical mind/eye and questioning everything. Plus, this approach to EI will change the face of emotional intelligence forever! Delivery was impeccable, fun, engaging! Technology that enabled it, brilliant! It made us feel like we are all part of this big, tight-knit family, very comfy and in the best space to thrive. Although familiar with part of the framework from the CBCA EI module, there were many ‘aha’ moments within the course, exceptional in their simplicity and contrasting inherent power. The details and meaningful insights that you shared with us made all the difference. This course started a movement, an advanced EI movement! The excitement of it continues to be at a high. There’s so much I am grateful for in being part of this innovative, thoughtful and skilled approach to EI. Well done EIA Team!
Laura Klos Sokol
It was excellent. Very thorough, appreciated the review of the material, quality of discussions, and type of exercises. Very engaging and intense learning.